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Mask making your eyes feel dry?

Yes, masks can cause dry eye, you're not imagining it!

A new study suggests "mask-associated dry eye" is a result of exhaled breath flowing upwards out of the mask and over the surface of the eyes. As the air flows over the eye it drys out the tear film, a thin layer of fluid covering the eye's surface important for keeping your eyes moist and comfortable! Here are a few suggestions.

Find a mask that fits properly - A good fitting mask should contour to your nose and cheekbones to better block airflow leaving through the top of your mask.

Don't rub your eyes - It's tempting when your eyes are irritated, but eye rubbing can cause micro-abrasions in the cornea and inflammation that makes your eyes more swollen and irritated.

Schedule an eye appointment - A complete picture of your dry eye and ocular surface better allows our doctors to tailor a management plan for you.

Properly treating your dry eye will keep your eyes healthy and comfortable, in and out of your mask!

Back To School

It may look a little different this year, but vision is crucial to learning both virtually and in the classroom!

Long hours on computers/tablets and overexposure to high-energy blue light and glare may be disrupting healthy sleep patterns and putting stress on their visual system, making it difficult for your child's eyes to properly maintain focus. Schedule a visit for your child to ensure they are not held back this year by Digital Eye Strain.

A comprehensive eye exam can make all the difference in your child's academic performance!


COVID-19 Office Update

With the ever changing and quickly moving COVID-19 environment and global pandemic, we have decided to follow the CDC guidelines - to suspend all routine eye exams until at least Monday May 4th, in order to slow the transmission of COVID-19 through our community.

Please be assured that the office will remain staffed to triage all urgent issues as well as help you with routine matters during this challenging time. The office hours are 9AM - 3PM on Monday through Thursday, and 9AM - 12PM on Friday. Please understand that patients will not be allowed to enter the office unless it is for a pre-arranged emergency eye care visit.

What does this mean?

1. If you are scheduled for an eye examination before May 4th, we will call you to reschedule your visit.

2. If you need to replace glasses or contact lenses, or need an extension of your prescription, please contact us and we will assist you.

3. If you are running out of a medication, please contact us and we can transmit a refill electronically to your pharmacy.

4. If you have an ocular emergency we will schedule an in office emergency visit. If after hours, please call 203-853-1010 and we will provide a number to reach one of our doctors who is on call.

Together we will weather this storm.

We appreciate your understanding during these trying times, and hope you and your family remain healthy and safe.


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My Post

1. Avoid exposure! Limiting exposure can help provide some relief - try closing windows, wearing wrap-around sunglasses, and using air conditioning at home or in the car to filter the air.

2. Don't rub your eyes if they itch! It may provide temporary relief, but eye rubbing releases histamine and worsens allergy symptoms! It can also lead to corneal thinning, keratoconus, and increase your risk of eye infection. Use a cool compress instead to calm the inflammation.

3. Wear daily disposable contact lenses or think about breaking out your glasses more often! The surface of your contact lenses can attract and accumulate airborne allergens.

4. Shower and gently clean your eyelids to remove any pollen that could cause additional irritation while you sleep.

5. Use plenty of artificial tears to wash airborne allergens from your eyes. Ask us which brands work best!

6. Make an appointment! If you still suffer from red, itchy, burning, watery, or swollen eyes, we can help!!

Eye strain at work?

Screen Shot 2019 03 06 at 11.45.14 AM

That sore, tired feeling in your eyes after a few hours of looking at a computer may be Digital Eye Strain, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome.

At Norwalk Eye Care our doctors work with you to design glasses using a combination of lenses to properly focus the light for your work space, filter blue light, and block glare to give you healthier, more comfortable and productive eyes!

Don’t let your Halloween turn into a Nightmare!

Onesizedoesnotfitall twitter

Don't let Over-the-Counter Costume Contact Lenses turn your Halloween into a Nightmare!

Over-the-Counter Lenses Can Scratch Your Eye

Over-the-counter lenses are not fitted and sized for the person wearing the contacts, so they can easily scrape the outer layer of the eye. The resulting corneal abrasion can cause redness, light sensitivity, discharge, pain, plus the feeling that something is lodged in the eye.

Poorly Maintained Contacts Can Cause Sores

Costume contact lenses can literally create an eye sore called a corneal ulcer, with symptoms similar to corneal abrasions. The ulcers sometimes appear as a white dot on the iris, the colored part of the eye, and they require treatment with medicated eye drops. When the ulcers heal, they can scar over and permanently and adversely affect vision.

Non-prescription Contacts Can Lead to Eye Infections

Both corneal abrasions and ulcers create openings in the eye, making them more vulnerable to bacteria, viruses and amoebas. All of these organisms can cause serious eye infections known as keratitis. A 2011 study found that wearing cosmetic contact lenses increased the risk of keratitis by more than 16 times. Some infections, such as herpes simplex, can be recurring and difficult to eradicate, while a number of bacteria have become resistant to common antibiotic eye drops.

What's the Worst that Can Happen from Illegal Over-the-Counter Contacts? Blindness.

In the most extreme cases, complications from wearing costume contact lenses may end in blindness or require surgery. For instance, extensive scarring from an infection can distort the cornea or make it opaque, requiring a corneal transplant to restore vision.

Saturday Hours are back!

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Are you tired of wearing reading glasses?

Introducing Tear Lab

Dr Stewart said, "Our addition of TearLab to our practice demonstrates our committment to providing the highest quality of care to our patients, along with utilizing the newest technology.  We can now incorporate quantitative data into our Dry Eye Clinic, allowing us to be able to treat and manage this disease at a higher level."Dry eye disease (DED) is a common condition in which the eye does not produce enough tears to keep the surface of the eye sufficiently lubricated. It affects approximately 40 million people in the U.S. and 100 million people worldwide.  

In the U.S., less than 5% of the DED patient population has been diagnosed and is being treated, according to Healthcare Maintenance Organizations data.  In its mild to moderate forms, it can impact vision and the ability to go about daily activities.  In its more severe forms, DED can lead to permanent loss of vision.


Welcome Dr Goldberg, and expanded hours

We are pleased to announce that Dr Danielle Goldberg will be joining the Norwalk Eye Care team. Dr Goldberg is a graduate of the New England College of Optometry, and has extensive experience in cataract co-management, glaucoma treatment, dry eye management and binocular vision disorders. She will be seeing patients on Fridays for comprehensive eye exams, medical eye care and contact lens examinations.With the arrival of Dr Goldberg, Norwalk Eye Care will be expanding patient care hours. Our office will now be seeing patients from 7am-12pm on Fridays, beginning September 8th.


Digital Eye Strain

According to the report, “adults under 30 experience the highest rate of digital eye strain symptoms (73 percent) compared with other age groups.” With the use of computers, smartphones and tablets in the everyday life of a Millennial, escaping digital eye strain all together seems nearly impossible.

Additionally, the report showed that “respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 and those who use four or more digital devices simultaneously were more likely to report eye strain as a symptom. Despite having the symptoms and discomforts of digital eye strain, however, consumers are not aware of the computer eyewear solution.”

(Vision Monday, 2016)


April is National Youth Sports Safety Month

Every year, thousands of sports related eye injuries occur, most of which are preventable.  Athletes should be wearing certified sports protective eyewear on the field and on the court- different than their regular day to day eyewear.  This protective eyewear should protect against injury with special impact resistant lenses, and protect from UV light.  Stop in our office today to see our full line of protective eyewear for kids and adults- or schedule a contact lens fitting to see clearer on the field and be free of spectacles!  Enjoy the spring, and be safe.

BluTech Lenses

These lenses are ideal for protective eyewear and visual performance in both indoor and outdoor environments.  People wearing these lenses experience UV ray and high-energy blue light protection, natural depth and color perception, improved visual acuity and night vision, and high Impact resistance.

Visit for more information.








March is Workplace Eye Health and Safety Month

Eye injuries on the job are very common, and often include objects such as tools, chemicals, and objects such as glass or metal.  More than 2,000 people injure their eyes at work each day, and about 10% of these injuries require one or more missed workdays to recover from. Of the total amount of work-related injuries, 10-20 % will cause temporary or permanent vision loss.

Experts believe that the right eye protection could have lessened the severity or even prevented 90% of eye injuries in accidents.  Preventing these injuries includes eliminating protential hazards and using proper safety wear, including goggles, safety glasses, shields and helmets. 

The opticians at Norwalk Eye Care have experience with all types of safety wear and will be happy to properly fit and educate you on the best solution for your needs

February is AMD Awareness Month!

How can you prevent ARMD?  Taking precautionary steps as you age is crucial.  Scheduling yearly eye exams is a great first step towards preventing this disease.  Other ways to keep your eyes healthy include wearing sunglasses (polarized are best!), not smoking and eating healthy.  To assess your macular health, including your macular pigment (determination of risk of developing ARMD), schedule an eye exam at Norwalk Eye Care today!

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month

More than 2.2 million Americans over 40 have open angle glaucoma, and at least half are undiagnosed.  Prevent Blindess America has joined with other leading eye health organizations, as well as Norwalk Eye Care in urging everyone to make their sight a priority and have an eye exam.  Glaucoma slowly takes away vision, damaging the optic nerve, and diminising peripheral vision.  If left untreated, it can also damage central vision.  If identified early, treatment may be able to save vision- once vision is lost, it cannot be restored.

Norwalk Eye Care uses the latest in imaging technology to identify, monitor and treat glaucoma.  Make it part of your New Year's resolution to take care of your eyes and save your vision!

Don’t let your Flex Spending Account (FSA) go to waste!

This may be a good time to evaluate how you are going to spend your flex spending account if you have not used it completely. If you have not had your eye examination this year yet, call us to set-up your appointment before the end of the year.  You may be able to use these funds for your examination fees, as well as glasses and contact lenses.

November is National Diabetes Month

Did you know that diabetes is the leading cause of blindness?  The American Diabetes Association recommends you have a complete eye exam  every year if you were diagnosed with diabetes after you were 30 years old, or if you are younger and have had diabetes at least 5 years. 

Blue Light Exposure


July is Fireworks Safety Month

Prevent Blindness America has some great tips to have a great 4th of July, but be safe and avoid fireworks injuries!

Holiday Closing 7/3/15

Sunglass Tips- Norwalk Daily Voice

Introducing clariti contact lenses!

Thanksgiving Holiday

September is Home Eye Safety Month

According to Prevent Blindness America,  2.5 million eye injuries occur annually, with almost half of those happening at home. The most common eye injuries occur when doing lawn work, kitchen projects or when using harsh chemicals.  It is important to wear proper safety eyewear when starting any home project, using any chemicals, or doing tasks and chores at home.  Proper eyewear should be approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  The eyewear should have the “Z-87” logo stamped on the frames and can be purchased at hardware stores and home building centers.

Getting proper care immediately is important with any injury to the eyes.  If abrasions, lacerations, or other eye irritations occur while at home, please contact our office immediately.

Labor Day

Banana Repulic

LaFont Trunk Show- May 8th!


Animal Toy Drive


Introducing…Banana Republic!

December is Toy Safety Month

October is Halloween Safety Month

What precautions should you be taking this Halloween for your kids?   Prevent Blindess America has developed a list of precautions for kids to make trick or treating healthy, happy and safe!

1. Wear makeup instead of masks. Use mom's hypo-allergenic makeup if possible or purchase hypo-allergenic formulas. Have an adult apply the makeup and remove it with cold cream instead of soap and water.

2. Avoid costumes with masks, wigs, floppy hats or eye patches that block vision.

3. Avoid pointed props such as spears, swords or wands that endanger other children's eyes.

4. Wear bright, reflective clothing or have reflective patches somewhere on the costume if you are going out at night in your costume.

5. Carry a bright flashlight to illuminate sidewalks, steps and paths.

6. No one should drive while wearing a mask.

7. Obey all traffic signals, both as a pedestrian and a driver.

8. Younger children should be accompanied by an adult while traveling about the neighborhood. Older children should trick-or-treat in groups.

9. Use common sense. Never dart out from between parked cars or hidden corners such as alleys. Avoid streets under construction. Don't trick-or-treat in busy commercial areas or where there is heavy traffic.

10. Grownups should inspect all trick-or-treat items before allowing children to have them.

11. Be sure the path and stairs to your front door are well illuminated and clear of obstacles.

12. Daylight trick or treating is safer than going out after dark.  Halloween parties are safer than trick-or-treating at any time.

13. Halloween parties are safer than trick-or-treating at any time.

Prevent Blindness America


Suffering from Fall Allergies?

Transitions Vantage Lens

New News Item

Insurance News!

Proclear 1 Day Multifocal Contact Lenses Have Arrived!

Acuvue 1 Day Moist for Astigmatism

PRESS RELEASE- Norwalk Eye Care introduces the Diopsys NOVA VEP Vision Testing System

 NORWALK, C.T., AUGUST 8, 2011 – Norwalk Eye Care announces the addition of the Diopsys® NOVA VEP Vision Testing System to the practice. The new vision testing system helps eye care professionals detect vision deficits, including glaucoma and other neuro-visual disorders.

 Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world, reports the World Health Organization. According to Prevent Blindness America, glaucoma is often called the "sneak thief of sight" because half of all patients who have it do not know it. Many optic nerve disorders are asymptomatic since central vision may not be affected until later stages of the disease. Also, diagnosis and management of optic nerve disorders are often based on structural or visual field tests which are limited in their ability to detect disease early. 

The Diopsys® NOVA VEP allows clinicians to objectively assess vision disorders earlier than traditional vision tests because it uses Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) technology and proprietary software to evaluate the entire vision system from the eye to the visual cortex. “VEP is an objective, functional test that can help discriminate between healthy and glaucomatous eyes,” says Alberto González García, M.D., neuro-ophthalmologist and Research Director at Diopsys, Inc., the device manufacturer. Eye care professionals may use VEP in addition to traditional testing methods to enhance diagnosis and treatment. 

The Diopsys® NOVA VEP records the electrical response of a patient’s entire vision system and provides easy-to-read reports that give the doctor a simple way to evaluate optic nerve function. Physicians are able to compare tests over time to track disease progression.

 Jennifer Stewart, OD of Norwalk Eye Care says, “Our practice prides itself on introducing the latest technology to our patients.  With the addition of the Diopsys NOVA VEP, we are once again raising the bar on early detection and disease progression analysis." 

Norwalk Eye Care is located at 5 Eversley Avenue in Norwalk, CT. The doctors and staff at Norwalk Eye Care are proud to offer patients the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology available today. They offer comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings, laser vision consulations and co-management, emergency care, and a full optical for all of your spectacle needs. The practice strives to provide superior service, high quality products, individualized attention, and optimum care to their patients, family and friends. They are proud to serve as the eye care team for towns such as Norwalk, Westport, Darien, Rowayton and surrounding areas.





Costume Contacts

Does your Halloween costume include Lady Gaga or Avatar- like costume contacts? While these seem like an easy addition to any look, these contacts, like clear contacts, are medical devices and should be fit and prescribed by a professional.

Lady Gaga Circle Lenses


Norwalk Eyecare is pleased to offer our patients some great options, and with... Halloween getting closer- make your appointment to be fit today! Please also read the following link about the dangers of costume contact lenses that are not fit by a professional. Happy trick or treating!

Back to school!


   As summer draws to a close, make sure that eye exams become part of the back to school routine for your child.  Having healthy eyes and good vision is crucial to the learning process.  Children's vision also changes frequently, so making sure that glasses and contact lenses are up to date before September is important.  Children today spend an enormous amount of time reading, writing and on the computer, placing a greater demand on their eyes, but unfortunately, most parents are not including eye exams as part of their child's back-to-school health check-up.  Be sure to schedule an appointment for your child today!


Dr Feder and Dr Stewart are excited to announce that they will be one of the first practices in the country to begin fitting the newest multifocal
contact lens available, the Biofinity Multifocal.  Our practice has also been selected to host a special lens introduction and fitting workshop with the inventor and designer of the lens!  We are able to offer a limited number of appointments on Wednesday, August 31 from 10am-12pm with Dr Stewart to be fit with this new lens.  If you are currently a contact lens wearer and are interested in trying this new lens, or have never worn contact lenses before and would like to try them- please call our office at 203.853.1010 or email at for more information and to be scheduled for this one day event!  Space is EXTREMELY limited!!

Your Norwalk Eye Care Team!

Introducing…the Hemingway Collection!

First Annual Spring Fashion Event


Did you know you can order your contact lenses through our website?

Spring Fashion Event!

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New Collections!

Celebrate World Sight Day October 14th

Having visited our practice you know that we care about our patients and about protecting your vision; we are also concerned about people around the world who lack access to quality vision care.  Because of this, Norwalk Eyecare, will celebrate World Sight Day Challenge on October 14.

Optometry Giving Sight began recognizing World Sight Day to raise awarness and funds for projects that provide vision care, local training and infrastructure support for people who are blind or vision impaired due to uncorrected refractive error – simply the need for an eye exam and a pair of glasses.

Please contact our office for more information.

What Can Our Website Do For You?

At Norwalk Eyecare, we pride ourselves with using the latest technology in all aspects of our practice, whether it be through our website, during our eye exams, and in the spectacle lenses and contact lenses we recommend.  We also want to make your experience with our office as smooth and friendly as possible.  Did you know that through our practice website you can schedule your next appointment, from the convenience of your own home or office?  Also, you are now able to reorder your contact lenses through our website any day, night, weekend or holiday to be shipped directly to your home with a few simple clicks.   Did Dr Feder or Dr Stewart recommend the EyePromise macular supplement to you?  If so, it is now simple to order your supply by clicking on the tab on the left side of our home page.  Please also join as a fan of our Facebook page by clicking the link on our homepage to stay current with the latest news and events from our office.  We are always updating our website, so be sure to check back frequently!

As always, please contact our office directly by phone (203-853-1010), email ( or simply stop in!

Fall Fashion!

Straight from the runway to our office- be sure to stop in and see the latest fashions in frames and sunglasses!  We are always introducing new styles and designers, and this fall is no exception.  There is no better time to update your look!

Online Appointment Scheduling Now Available!

You can now request your next appointment online!

Visit the Contact Us section of our site at anytime and complete the form.  We'll receive the form via email and call you back to confirm your appointment request. 

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Introducing DriveWear lenses

DriveWear lenses combine two of the latest lens technologies, NuPolar polarization and Transitions photochromic lenses, to create a lens that is free from glare and adjusts to varying light conditions, even behind the windshield of a car.   These lenses increase contrast and allow optimum vision in both low and bright light conditions.   Visit for more information, and call our office to schedule a demonstration! 

Think About Your Eyes Week

Please visit for more information.

Spring Sunglass Event!

As the weather gets nicer, we spend more time outdoors and in the sun.  This is an important time to keep your eyes protected from UV light and prevent future, irreversible damage.   We have a wide array of sunglasses available, including polarized, fashion and sport styles.  Also ask us about Drivewear lenses, which provide polarization and glare protection, and react to changing light conditions both inside and outside the car! 

Norwalk Eye Care introduces LATISSE, the first and only FDA approved treatment for thicker, longer eyelashes.

See the world in high definition!

Norwalk Eye Care is pleased to be one of the only practices in the area to offer our patients the newest in eyeglass lens technology.  By using each patients own ocular fingerprint, or IPrint, iZON lenses are customized specifically to your prescription, correcting microscopic irregularities and giving you the sharpest and most vivid vision possible.  Come in and be WOW'd today!

For more information, please visit

Jennifer L. Stewart, OD joins Norwalk Eye Care

Dr Stewart has joined our office after practicing in her hometown of New Paltz, NY.   She is happy to be the newest member of the Norwalk Eyecare team, and looks forward to meeting you and your family.  Please call to schedule an appointment with her today!