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Mask making your eyes feel dry?

Yes, masks can cause dry eye, you're not imagining it!

A new study suggests "mask-associated dry eye" is a result of exhaled breath flowing upwards out of the mask and over the surface of the eyes. As the air flows over the eye it drys out the tear film, a thin layer of fluid covering the eye's surface important for keeping your eyes moist and comfortable! Here are a few suggestions.

Find a mask that fits properly - A good fitting mask should contour to your nose and cheekbones to better block airflow leaving through the top of your mask.

Don't rub your eyes - It's tempting when your eyes are irritated, but eye rubbing can cause micro-abrasions in the cornea and inflammation that makes your eyes more swollen and irritated.

Schedule an eye appointment - A complete picture of your dry eye and ocular surface better allows our doctors to tailor a management plan for you.

Properly treating your dry eye will keep your eyes healthy and comfortable, in and out of your mask!