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Contact Lens Exam

Have you tried contact lenses before, and been unsuccessful? Have you been told that you weren't a good candidate for contact lenses at past eye exams?

contactsContact lens technology is constantly evolving, and recent lens developments have made contacts a great option for almost everyone! We take the time to explain every contact lens option available for your eyes, customize the fit to what you need, and even provide contact lens insertion and removal training if this is your first time. At Norwalk Eye Care, we fit a wide range of contact lenses, including:

    • Soft lenses
    • Daily-disposable lenses
    • Toric lenses for astigmatism
    • Multifocal lenses for presbyopia
    • Gas permeable lenses
    • Scleral & mini-scleral lenses
    • Hybrid lenses
    • Piggyback system lenses

Please contact us for an appointment to find the best contact lenses for your needs!